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All through the years of its foundation, Jindal Electricals has become a name synonymous with the electrical equipment industry in India. We deal in all sorts of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Refrigerators Stabilizers and Stabilizers for refrigerators.

Our team comprises of some of the most well qualified and skilled people in the electrical industry. We firmly believe in the concept of thorough quality and reliability. All our products are manufactured and monitored in the most efficient possible manner.

Despite the advanced technology and techniques that are used in the Electricity Board none has been able to ensure constant supply of voltage. The main reason for this has been inadequate and insufficient distribution lines and the distribution transformers with varying load pattern.

This type of variation in the load pattern affects the motors in the following ways:

  • Premature failure of winding is generally caused due to high currents.
  • Such variation in currents also leads to destruction of cables, switches and other such power equipment
  • To avoid any delay or lack in leveled working of motors, the over head relays are set at higher settings

Generally, the variation caused due to weather and other such likely constraint the constant voltage supply become irregular and hence the importance of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer increases. Apart from the heavy industry, voltage stabilizers are generally used in houses with other equipments like refrigerators and Televisions. The voltage stabilizers for refrigerators are generally termed as Refrigerators Stabilizers.


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