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Careers at Jindal's Electricals
Careers at Jindal's Electricals

Appointment of Marketing Executives (ME) Distt. wise on Commission basis


In response to your subject cited Application / E-mail / Fax message dt.__________ the requisite information / clarification is given here as under :

1. Organisational Set Up :

i) We are one of the leading manufacturers of LT type Automatic Voltage Controllers (AVC) from 100- 2000 KVA capacity, Rectifier equipments for Electroplating / Hydrogenation and also Special Purpose Transformers for Industrial Applications. Ours is more than Thirty eight Years old establishment.

ii) We have supplied more than 4000 Servo Stabilizers above 100 KVA capacity to different type of industries/reputed Corporate Houses throughout India as well as few outside India. As per customers feedback received - they have confirmed the advantages after installing stabilizer as explained at the link of stabilizer. The equipment is the need of every power consumer and life of the same is 20-25 years minimum.

Job description :

i) This proposal is for Resident Marketing Executives having minimum 5 years experience in marketing preferably with electrical background such as already dealing with Automatic Voltage Controllers, Electric motors, Distribution Transformers, panels, switch gears etc. they will operate from their respective native places. They will be self employed and in charge of their authorized areas and will do marketing of Jindal's products to the power consumers over there. In larger districts we shall be appointing more number of M.E's and for 2-3 smaller districts one M.E. shall be appointed.

Certain steps which are required to be followed for sale promotion of Jindal's products are given here as under :

a) It shall be a part time work say about half an hour or so during the day.

b) The addresses of the prospective customers having different type of Inds. like Textile Inds., Nursing Homes, Rice Sheller’s, Cement plants, Engineering units, Cold Storages, Distilleries/Beverages etc. shall be required to be noted from telephone directories etc. in their respective authorized areas.

c) 50-100 printed brochures on "SAVE ENERGY" shall need to be posted every month through book post to the prospective customers in their Dist. However the printed brochures shall be supplied to them by this office.

d) After a gap of 10-15 days the concerned customers to whom the brochures have been posted shall be required to be contacted on phone to ascertain as to whether the posted literature have been received at their end.

e) In case the literature has been received suitable time from the concerned customer for personal discussion shall need to be fixed.

f) In case the customer has shown interest to purchase our equipment the requisite quotation shall be required to be submitted to him.

g) Further follow up action shall need to be taken till such time the enquiry submitted is matured into an order.

h) Since regular advt. for sale promotion of Jindal products is getting published through all the leading news papers across the country as such any enquiry generated through advt. in their respective areas shall also be forwarded to them for further follow up action at their end.

i) We are not interested to deal with Govt./Semi Govt. Departments. They can visit our web site : www.jindalelectricals.com for more details:.


After their selection, they shall visit our organization and shall stay for a period of about 2/3 days to have knowledge of our organizational set up, Jindal's products such as Automatic Voltage Controller, Rectifiers etc. being manufactured by this organization as well as to know in brief the existing installations/marketing network and future plans for sale promotion of Jindal's products.

Compensation :

It is worth mentioning over here that since the cost of our single equipment varies about 2-10 Lacs as such any sale achieved through their efforts they will be entitled to get handsome commission as per details given here as under :

a)  5% commission shall be offered to you on the sales achieved by you..

b) In addition to above any expenditure incurred such as conveyance, telephone, postage etc. in connection with generation of an enquiry/maturity of the same shall be reimbursed as per actual basis subject to submission of documentary proof and will be limited to Rs.1500/- month.

c) Further some amount towards retainer ship if required, could also be released to them, which of course will be adjusted against their future commission.

In case above terms & conditions are acceptable, they may plan to come to Ludhiana for an interview on any working day (Monday to Saturday) with prior intimation to us. They will be paid second class train fare or bus fare for to & fro journey (shortest route), subject to production of their tickets for re-imbursing the money and we will provide them free hostel accommodation during their stay at Ludhiana.

After getting down at Ludhiana Railway Station/Bus stand etc., to reach our factory please ring up any of the following numbers

Name of contact         person Phone Nos.                                

Mr. Jagjeet Singh        2670250 / 2676890                                              
Mr. Vipan Sharma       2670250 / 2676890                                           

Mr. Pawan Sharma     2670250 / 2676890                      

It will not be also out of place to mention over here that since recent past this office is also in the process of appointing Distt. wise experienced Resident Service Electricians (RSE) across the country through regular advertisement in all leading News papers. The primary purpose of appointing above RSE's is to take care of installation/ commissioning of the equipments to be supplied by this office in their respective areas of authorization as well as to look after routine check up/to attend emergent complaints of the earlier supplied equipments by this organization. The above proposal shall also be quite helpful to them for sale promotion of Jindal's products and thereby to have still better scope of earnings.

for Jindal Electricals

( B.B. Jindal )

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