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For any equipment its performance is simply governed by the variable voltage and the harmful effects that fluctuating voltage has on it.

The life of any equipment gets reduced due to the over voltage and loss of efficiency occurs due to the under voltage. For avoiding such damages caused due to the variation in voltage Servo Voltage stabilizers like Low Current Voltage Stabilizers can be used. They don’t just ensure optimized performance but also safe guard the expensive equipment.

Some specialized applications of the Servo Voltage stabilizers equipment include:

  • Televisions, Radio transmitters, Cameras, Radar Navigational Devices and other such communicational devices
  • Tape, disc drivers, Personal computers, unit record machines and other such calculating and computerized devices
  • Chromatographs, spectrometers and other generally used laboratory equipments
  • Sterilizers, Electro cardio scope, X-rays, ICUs and other electro medical equipments
  • Photo copiers, telex machines, Fax, tele printers, Duplicating machines, photo typesetters and other such General office equipment
  • Heating, process control, production and lighting equipments used in daily life

Other features of Servo Stabilizer equipments include:

  • High efficiency (exceptionally above 95%)
  • The variations of supply frequency do not affect
  • The variations of load power factor do not distort the output when stabilizers are used with them
  • Bypass switch is facilitated if failure of control card occurs
  • The variations of over and under voltage can be visualized
  • Facilitation of continuous output from high to low variations in the input voltage

Over the years of its inception, Jindal Electricals has been aiming to provide all its customers with the best of power equipments at most affordable prices. Some other equipment that we manufacture include Rectifiers, Voltage Regulators, Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Variable Transformers, Voltage Controller, Servo controlled voltage stabilizer, automotive voltage regulators, Voltage Transformers, Power Transformers India, Welding Machines and Power Control Solutions etc.


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