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Jindal Electricals is a leading manufacturer of Variable Transformers. From Rectifiers, Voltage Regulators, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Variable Transformers, Voltage Controller to automotive voltage regulators, Voltage Transformers, Power Transformers India, Welding Machines and Power Control Solutions Jindal Electrical has been involved in the manufacture and supply of all these equipments.

Our team of skilled and calibrated professionals is well trained to handle the work processes which further ensure consistency in quality. We aim to supply all our clients with the best of power equipments like variable transformers & AC Variable Supplies. We firmly believe in constant innovation and complete dedication for satisfying our customer’s demands.

We particularly specialize in the production of AC Variable Supplies & Variable Auto transformer. Variable transformers are designed to transmit electricity between asynchronous AC domains. It is a combination of two complete and three legs in core which further has common yoke that is a combination of two sets of three phase primary coils and one secondary three phase winding in which each phase coil has two disposed portions facing in opposite directions.

Over the years of our inception since 1950 at Jindal Electricals, We completely believe in the core concept of quality and ensure that all are products possess the qualities of Ease of use, Reliability, Safe usage, Small size and Ease in mounting.


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