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Voltage regulators are generally used for maintaining the consistency in the voltage level. Depending upon its design the regulator can be used for regulating AC or DC voltages. The work mechanism of regulators goes by the comparison of output with a fixed voltage that is treated as reference. The difference of these quantities directs the regulator to amplify the voltage and produce high or low voltage. This process of manipulated amplification counts for supply of constant voltage.

Voltage regulators are undoubtedly less expensive power equipments that are used to adjust voltage variations. The kind of reliability and safe usage that they ensure is completely unmatched from other equipments available in the market.

There are two types of Voltage regulators; AC voltage stabilizers and DC voltage stabilizers. AC voltage stabilizers are used for household mains stabilizer. It maintains the consistency in the AC output in case of fluctuation. The DC voltage regulator uses shunt regulator.

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