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Special Purpose Voltage Transformers India


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Over the years of its incorporation, Jindal Electricals has been able to carve a niche for itself in the power equipment industry. We have been involved in the manufacture Rectifiers, Voltage Regulators, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Current Voltage Transformers ,Variable Transformers, Voltage Controller, automotive voltage regulators, Voltage Transformers, Power Transformers India, Welding Machines and Power Control Solutions etc.

Jindal Electricals – Leading Manufacturer of Voltage Transformers

We are specialized in the production of voltage transformers like Constant Voltage Transformers. These are basic instruments that have primary winding that is parallelly connected with a circuit that measures and controls the voltage.

Jindal Electricals is the leading manufacturer of Voltage transformers like Electrical Transformers, Industrial Transformers, and Low Voltage Control Transformer etc. Our team comprises of some of the most talented and qualified people who have been well trained to handle all sorts of power equipments. From team work, constant innovation and dedication to excellence, all these features form the basis of our success. We firmly believe in providing our clients consistency in quality by following the work processes that have been internationally recognized.

Some advantages of using Special Purpose Transformer & Voltage Transformers include:

  • Very Easy to install
  • Runs on low current
  • Light weight wiring is used
  • Very inexpensive to use and install
  • Output voltage is delivered in a very controlled format
  • The control on-load voltage is enabled
  • Output voltage is delivered in the sinusoidal form
  • Expected amount of symmetry is created in the phase voltages
  • It can be controlled remotely


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