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Serving its clients since 1950 Jindal Electricals has become a name synonymous in the industry of power and electrical equipments like Power Transformers and Balancing Transformers. Our team comprises of some of the most talented and well qualified people in the electrical industry. We make every possible effort to ensure that all the good produced are of high quality and are safe in usage.

Jindal Electricals – Leading manufacturer of Toroidal Transformers and Power Transformers India

Overview about Power Transformers:

Transformer is a device that is used for transferring electrical energy from one circuit to another. It is generally used for changing AC voltage and is very popularly known as the power adapter. It is comprised of steel laminations that are wrapped around with two coils of wire. The voltage change is generally derived from the coil ratio. The working of Transformers like Balancing Transformers is as follows: it is basically a device that uses the mechanism of electromagnetic induction to transfer alternating current from one electrical circuit to another. Transformer consists of two coils of wire arranged in a strategic manner to allow change in the voltage level of one with change in another one. Here, one coil in which the first change occurs is called the primary coil and the one which changes accordingly is called secondary coil.

Some important Calculation facts on Power Transformers India include:

  • The ratio of number of turns in primary and secondary coils is absolutely in accordance with the ratio of primary and secondary voltages.
  • Another figure can be derived from the fact that the number of turns in the coils is inversely proportional to the primary and secondary currents.
  • Also the power losses can be minimized by paying special attention to the designing process of the transformer.
  • The impedances i.e. the oppositions to the flow of alternating current are proportional to the ratio of squares of numbers of turns in the secondary and primary coils.

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